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Ways to Legally Fight Driving Under the Influence Case
The law doesn’t allow drunkard drivers to be on the road because they drive carelessly something that contributes to road accidents. This means that if you drink and drive the police officers to take to the court of law for breaking the law where you will be charged accordingly. A research done in 2016, showed that over 1 million drivers were arrested because they drove while they were drunk. This tells you that it’s possible to be arrested if you drive after taking alcohol. The fact that you have been arrested for driving while drunk it doesn’t mean that you have to be fined for that because you can fight the case in different approaches. For more info about the tricks that can help you to evade the charges check this page.

You will fight the case if there is no probable cause for a stop. An officer should only stop you after suspecting something wrong about your driving and in if this wasn’t the case then you don’t have to be guilty. Lack of the root cause for your stop by the officer can make the other evidence presented by the officer against you nullified.

The defectiveness of the alcohol test. It can be tricky for you to fight the case using this method since it requires a DWI lawyer who has the understanding of how the faulty breath test will make avoid the charges. Some of the basis for arguments includes improper use of the device, physiological conditions, instrument failure and many more. This implies that the evidence of your alcohol level may not be accurate because of the above-mentioned problems.

If you have a medical condition then you still have the opportunity to jump the case. Some conditions like acid reflux, heartburn and Gerd cover up the air from the lungs which carries the alcohol content in your body hence giving fake results about your Blood alcohol level.

The effects of your diet on the alcohol test. The isopropyl alcohol produced as a result of low carbs diet or because of diabetes and hypoglycemia can easily make the officer think you have high alcohol level when you don’t have because the breath test cannot differentiate the two.

The rising blood alcohol level can also be argued to relieve you from the threat of being arrested because of it most likely that when you were driving your alcohol level was low until when you were stopped for the test.

However, there are other factors that can affect the accuracy of the results despite that they are not related to alcohol which includes poor lighting, uneven surface, intimidation of the officer and coordinating driver.

You don’t have to give in to the case if the officer has no evidence that you were driving while under the influence. Then of the police officer misbehave in a way like giving false statements then it can be your chance to play not guilty.

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