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c Tips of Fast Recovery After Tummy Tuck Surgery

There is no way the doctors will prevent you from experiencing complications after the tummy tuck surgery because every surgery has complications afterward. The surgeon will treat blood clots, skin infection and causes of prolonged healing after tummy tuck surgery. You have to follow all the instructions of your surgeon for you to have a successful tummy tuck surgery. You will boost your recovery process when you follow these guidelines.

Prepare in advance by buying a compression garment that you will wear on the surgeon’s dressing to prevent fluids from accumulating around the incisions that may lead to swelling. The swelling may cause you to undergo a second surgery. The surgeon will also place small tubes under the skin that will drain away excess fluid and blood that may accumulate around the area.

Arrange for someone to help you around when you come out of surgery. The surgeon may have to admit you to the health center for a maximum of two days after surgery. You will not be able to move or stand straight; therefore, it will be difficult for you to shower, change clothes or sit straight so that you can eat. You are not supposed to strain yourself to move around because the incisions will start bleeding and damage the procedure which will force the doctor to rectify it through another surgery. Resting improves blood circulation and promote fast recovery.

You will feel pain, discomfort and other signs ad syptoms to learn more the entire first week after the surgery, but you should look out for warning signs to alert your surgeon. Give yourself a break from smoking, alcohol, work and exercising but ensure you keep wearing the compression garment after the doctor has drained away fluids. You can find out on this guide reasons not to excercise after surgery and learn more on tips to start excercising after tummy tuck surgery.

Ensure that you have quality nutrition that tummy tuck surfery patients need. Keep your body hydrated by taking plenty of water but remember exercising is prohibited. Some foods like beans and cabbage causes a buildup of gas in the tummy which is dangerous. You should visit a nutritionist prior to the surgery for them to advise you on the types of food you should eat after the surgery.

You will notice a reduction in pain, greasing and tightness of the incisions after the first week even when swelling may continue. Doing light tasks is ok after the second week of surgery but keep in mind that you still have to avoid smoking, alcohol and exercising. Smoking and alcohol have elements that will compromise your healing process. You internal bleeding if you start exercising without permission from the surgeon because they inner part of the skin heals slower than the outer part. Choose the appropriate compression garment using tips from this guide because you it is still your friend up to a month depending on the rate you are recovering.

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