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Should You Use Motor-Driven or Gravity Conveyor Rollers?

In the world of manufacturing, having the right equipment at your disposal is vital for successful operations. Without the right equipment in place, production will quickly begin to suffer. With this information, individuals will learn about the differences between motor-driven and gravity conveyor rollers so they will be able to decide which one will be most effective for meeting their product movement needs.

What Are the Key Differences?

While both of these types of conveyor systems are effective in moving products, there are some key differences company owners need to be aware of so they can decide which one will be most beneficial for their company.

Gravity roller conveyors do not require any power to make them operate. They are driven by gravity which means they provide the highest level of movement when installed on an incline. As products are placed on the conveyor, gravity naturally takes over and begins to move them down the conveyor and to the next destination. Those who need a cost-effective conveyor solution will likely want to choose a gravity roller system because there is no ongoing cost of operation.

Motor-driven roller conveyors, just as the name implies, are driven by electric power. These systems work to drive move products quickly and effectively. They can be located on flat or inclined services for full customization. These conveyor systems also have options for stopping and starting the roller movement at various stages along the conveyor, ensuring the products can easily be manipulated at every step in the process of production.

Which Is Right For Your Company?

The choice a company owner makes between conveyor types will need to be based on their specific needs. Researching both types and working with the conveyor professionals will help to ensure the right choice is made.

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